Urdu Book is working with a mission to spread knowledge to the door step of every Pakistani.

To help achieve this mission we created a fund for FREE BOOKS with contributions from our management and readers across the world.

If you are a Student/Professional/Retired person who loves to read books but cannot afford it,

Don't worry you can get them for free.

You can get books free of charge every month, the limits can be enhanced in some cases where we are satisfied about the genuineness of readers affordability.


1. To avail books for free, just place your order at "DEALS" section of www.urdubook.com and note down the "ORDER ID", after that fill this form below and email it to care@urdubook.com with CC(copy) to ceo@urdubook.com 

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    The forms will open in new window if you have any pop-up window blockers, disable them.

    2. When you get verification call let them know that you have applied for FREE BOOKS.

     If you want to contribute to this fund email directly to ceo@urdubook.com